Team Drop Zone…the Essential Oil Crazies!

Hi! We wanted to welcome you to our site and introduce ourselves. We are the family behind The Drop Zone, and we are crazy about all things essential oils!

Mike and Ronda, those two in the middle, were the first ones to really get into the oils. Ronda used them on her daughter, McKenzie (see the dark-haired beauty to her right), when McKenzie was a little girl fighting for her life. She had a parasite that the doctors couldn’t figure out how to treat, and Ronda’s friend recommended a holistic doctor who gave her herbs and essential oils to treat McKenzie. They ended up working and saving her life, so she’s been a believer ever since! Mike started to faithfully use the oils every day a few years ago, and he’s a huge believer in them and in their ability to support the body, mind, and make him smell REALLY good.

Back to McKenzie…she loves using the oils in her everyday life, especially at night to help her sleep. She enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle, so essential oils fit in perfectly.

Jake and Ellie are the cute newlywed couple on the far right. Their journey with essential oils started a few months ago and it was love at first sight (just like their whirlwind romance). They love using the oils to promote positivity in their lives, and they love sharing the oils with others.

Jumping over to the far left, we have Justin (the baby of the family). Justin recently returned from Uruguay, where he served a two-year mission for his church. He’s the big skeptic of our family, and in the short amount of time he’s been home he’s had the opportunity to use the oils and he’s on his way to becoming truly converted. 😉

Next to Justin is Kirk, Michaela, and their super cute, super awesome kids–Ashton (5) and Annie (3). Not pictured is the baby in Michaela’s tummy who will be joining their family in a few months. Kirk and Michaela first started using the oils about 18 months ago. Kirk loves being known as the “oil guy” in his office, and his favorite oils are the ones that make him feel manly and transport him to the mountains. Michaela loves how essential oils make her an empowered mother who can use safe, natural alternatives on her little kids to support them when they’re sick. She also loves being able to use them during her pregnancy to help with all her uncomfortable pregnancy issues.

Well, that’s us in a nutshell! We really do believe in the power of essential oils and love sharing them with others to enrich their lives. Thanks again for visiting our site, and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us here! We’d love to hear from you! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram– and @thedropzone_eo.

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